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    I was raised in New Hartford, CT - a small, colonial town in the Litchfield County. A town which I consider to be a great place for a child to grow-up. My friends were all in walking distance and we had plenty of wooded areas for our wild adventures. And to add to it, my dear grandparents lived only five minutes away. For me, that was all I needed. Just the love of family and the fun of good company.


    My love for writing began when I was in Elementary School, but the passion didn't arrive until High School. That's when I wrote an entire songbook of poetic rhymes. Since then I've been challenging myself and perfecting my work. Even with what you see on this website, the next to come will be even better. And it will continue getting better the older I become. 

     Most of my inspiration comes from my love for music and words, always hoping for the next best thing. This also partakes my love and passion for film and screenwriting. So, sometimes within my writing I tend to create stories, characters without names, only faces. This helps me balance my love for both music and film. 

     But, none of this would have happened if it wasn't for my loving grandmother, Joni, who was and will always be a significant influence in my personal and professional life. Also, for my loving girlfriend and my caring family who play a big part as well.  


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